To ReSharper or Not To ReSharper

To be honest ReSharper is a great tool. It´s a productivity tool. But does it help us to be really more productive or does it kill productivity? So what is productivity?

For each and every developer it might mean something different. When using IDEs like Visual Studio 2017 I would say every nanosecond counts. The worst thing that can happen is downgrading the performance of the development machine. I guess every developer, especially professional developers, uses the best machine in regard of performance as he/she can. The latest most powerful CPU, fastest SSDs, huge amount of RAM etc. Come on we are geeks.

And then you install an addon that should help you to be even more productive to be a king of the hill and ... a performance nightmare enters your world. Of course I am speaking about big projects not small ones. Usually you cannot see how the software performs on simple several classes or web pages of code.

ReSharper really helps you to save your fingers writing less code, smart search in code, refactoring... It is very smart and very addictive. But it costs something and I am not speaking about money. It costs you performance. Yes, life is about trade-offs. You get something you loose something. But nobody wants to sacrifice performance. Let me ask you. What is the most important thing to a software developer when working on a project, coding, refactoring...? It is time, it is workflow. To get into the "ZONE" where you create, think fast and your brain works like an unstoppable powerhouse is the most hardest thing in software development. You know to get into the zone means sometimes difference of hours, days maybe even weeks of productivity. And you cannot do it if you loose here and there a fraction of a second, a second, two seconds... You got it.

Visual Studio 2017 is damn fast. But if you install ReSharper it looks like you just chained your computer to a ball. It becomes slow, you are waiting for IntelliSense. You are waiting. It should be your computer that is waiting for you not you.

So bye-bye ReSharper it was a great year.